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Studio Activities

I thought I’d give an update into what I have been up to in the studio recently. As part of my Major Music Project I am recording singer-songwriter Kyle Farrell and will be producing a 4-track EP for him. His music is heavily acoustic based and this is something which I will be focusing strongly on during the production. With this in mind I have decided to make use of the middle and side stereo widening technique to really stretch the stereo field given that the acoustic guitar will be so prominent in the mix. At this stage the sessions are still in the recording phase but I have a couple of examples from my sessions to show just how effective this technique can be.

Middle & Side

Middle & Side

The microphones I have used for the acoustic are a Neumann TLM102 condenser for the ‘middle’, an Electro Harmonix EH-R1 ribbon for the ‘side’ and an AKG Perception 400 as a room microphone and also to record the guide track which at this stage I am keeping.

This short excerpt shows how the opening bars of the session sound without enabling the middle and side technique:


Now, by duplicating the ribbon track, flipping the phase on the duplicated track and panning the ribbon tracks hard left and hard right, the following results emerge:


Other than this stereo technique, no other production has taken place. With this in mind I am very pleased at how the session is sounding so far!


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